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Issue With Weather Apps…

I know many of you use them for weather forecasts as I hear feedback frequently about what they are showing.  I strongly urge caution of any forecast on any weather app beyond 2 days out.  Pretty much all weather apps are not driven by human conscience thought but rather just straight presentation of computer model data.  Always keep in mind that computer model data beyond 4-5 days is pretty much what I call fantasy land because more often than not what the models show in that time frame does not end up happening.  Every now and then it will but that is by far the exception versus the rule….especially during the winter season months.  That’s why you will see wild fluctuations on what they show in the 4+ day time frame.  Heck even Accuweather is will to present a 90 day forecast with day by day detail…it’s a complete joke.

In my opinion the best alternative to my page for Dahlonega Weather forecasts would be straight from the National Weather Service out of Peachtree City.  At least a human being is creating the forecast without regard to hype and ratings.

Any who, if there is ever a legit threat of any type of winter precip you know that I’ll be on it…once it’s a credible threat.  I leave all the hype to the news outlets because they are chasing ratings.

Rant over…Jason

Dahlonega Weather – WARM February

Not that February is officially over…as is Meteorological Winter, its time to see where it stood in the records books.  February 2018 will go down as warm and wet.  Here are the numbers….

Average Temp: 49.2 … rank…5th warmest on record.  Warmest is 52.0 back in 1927.

Average High: 59.5…rank…7th.  Warmest is 60.8 back in 1938.

Average Low:  43.6…rank…1st…tied 43.6 from 1927.

Rain:  10.73 inches…rank…8th.  Wettest is 14.11 back in 1903.

Records Highs Set:

Feb 22nd…75.2…old record was 74 from 1917

Feb 23rd…73.9…old record was 72.9 from 2012

Record Warm Lows Set:

Feb 11th…56.2…old record was 55 in 1965

Feb 20th…55.9…old record was 55 in 1951

Feb 21st…61.4…old record was 52 in 1955

Feb 22nd…59.7…old record was 59 in 1897

Feb 24th…58.6…old record was 54 in 1985


There you have it.  Winter is officially over as far as record keeping goes and it if wasn’t for our amazing early December snow storm it would have been a winter weather dud.  LOL.


Dahlonega Weather Wet February

We’ve had a very wet start to February.  Through the first 11 days we’ve received 7.12 inches of rain.  That ranks as the 4th wettest start to February on record.  Expect our wet pattern to continue over the next week or two at least.

Here are the top wettest starts to Feb:

1921 – 7.62

1982 – 7.54

1955 – 7.29